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WHAT A STIFF! - the wertz generation
the scourge of complacency
Barack Obama's Faux State of the Union Address was pretty so-so. Remarkable mainly because the rhetoric seemed to appeal equally to Republicans and Democrats. But Bobby Jindal - ! Jesus.

I thought the Boy Governor of Louisiana was supposed to be the GOP's Golden Boy, some sort of Conservative Savior who could walk on water even as it breached levees and lead the Republican Party out of darkness and back into winning elections. Heh - maybe in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Seriously: all he needed was a cardigan. Then again, Jindal's delivery made Fred Rogers look as animated as Tom Cruise on Oprah. Maybe the GOP can get him to do late night infomercials. "(chuckle)" says the teleprompter. "Heh. Heh." says the Boy Governor. Good God.


And what was that story about the sheriff and bureaucracy and boats? Has anyone heard that before? I seriously doubt its provenance. If volunteers had turned up with boats to rescue people from the rooftops of flooded New Orleans and had been turned away due to insurance regulations or whatever, don't you think the Republican Party would have made hay of such incidents before now? In any event, Jindal should probably stick to amateur theatrics - if any self-respecting community theater would even hire someone so completely wooden and unspontaneous...

ON EDIT (6:00 am): Ha! And WHAT A LIAR! Didn't see that coming...   roll eyes

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someone else has so why not generate commentary
zulfiqar_rgh From: zulfiqar_rgh Date: February 25th, 2009 11:46 pm (UTC) (link)
Yes, this might have been the best train wreck I've seen on my television set since the last time I watched the conclusion of "Bridge On The River Kwai."

The best parts of it were the initial reactions of the MSNBC hacks followed by the really excitable response David Brooks gave to anyone that would listen (NewsHour, Charlie Rose).

I actually don't think the Republicans are nearly as lost right now as everyone else seems to think they are. I think the problem they are having is that they don't have anyone with enough skill, substance, gravitas, or whatever to not get blown off the stage by Obama's political skill (meaning his speaking skills, debating abilities, and his current political "Teflon" coating). Suddenly the Republicans seem to have a consistent, if idiotic, economic message. They're just stuck with this set of clowns (and Jindal is just the latest) driving it home. Until they find someone... can we all say wilderness?

Just my two cents.

Regardless, it was great fun watching the wreck happen.
someone else has so why not generate commentary