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the scourge of complacency
So I saw Goldie Hawn on Hardball earlier this evening - GAH! She has finally reached the last reel of Death Becomes Her in real time. Of course, the scale of her disastrous plastic surgery immediately brought Jocelyn Wildenstein to mind.

So I thought I'd do a Google Image search on The Bride of Wildenstein to see if there were any updates on her descent into zombie cat person hell. Sadly, there didn't seem to be any images I hadn't seen. Perhaps her ongoing series of cosmetic catastrophes has just become too scary to photograph any more.

Unsurprisingly, though, there were a number of composite photos of Wildenstein with disasters like Donatella Versace, Amanda Lepore, and so on - which had me periodically going "Whoa" - Aagh! - Jesus!" And I would occasionally turn my screen toward Sean and force him to look.

"Why are you looking up Priscilla Presley, for God's sake - or Joan van Ark?"

"I'm not. I was looking for recent Wildenstein pics."

"So what - is Google like Amazon now? Customers Who Bought Joycelyn Wildenstein Also Bought Donatella Versace?"

Aaanyway, Goldie Hawn was looking pretty bad the last time I'd seen her, but now... damn. Do people who care that much about how they look eventually just become totally delusional? Do they imagine that having spent the money is the same thing as having the expenditure actually pay off?

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